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" At first, I guarded my time and attempted to read your letter within a preset, allotted time.  I now say "To hell with the time it takes, I'll finish when I finish." I also find that I am underlining portions of sentences to assist me in following your train of thought.  In a very short period of time I have grown to appreciate your insight and the added value delivered by your reviews. I can confidently state that we will renew our subscription in the new year."  Ron Ryan, Credit Union Central

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The IMRA provides a chart-based daily review of global capital markets. Our mandate is to assist money managers, traders, and investors keep abreast of both new and old trends. We strive to add value and knowledge with a unique and fascinating perspective on current and historical market inter-relationships.

How do changes in interest rates affect the equity markets? What drives commodity prices? What do changes in currency trends mean? Which markets lead and which follow? When should a major equity market trend change be anticipated? If you are interested in the answer to these sorts of questions, the IMRA is for you.

The IMRA is available by subscription for U.S. $49 per month, payable quarterly. A free two week trial can be selected at this time. There is no obligation and please be assured that any correspondence or personal information will be kept strictly confidential- as it should always be.

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